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The future of design services and all activities related to the preparation and implementation of projects require a comprehensive deployment and use of the BIM LOD 400 - 500 system, for all planned and implemented projects.

Dear business partners and colleagues,

for the company B-Projekting Zlín, the year 2022 has been on the market in the Czech Republic and the EU for the thirtieth year, where it provides all activities related to the preparation and implementation of projects. B-Projekting provides all phases starting - Feasibility study and then processes all stages of project documentation (Documentation for zoning decision, documentation for building permit, documentation for implementation of the project (detail design), as-built drawings). This creates the necessary conditions for further activities - preparation and implementation of tenders and subsequent project implementation. It is, of course, necessary to recall the history as well as important milestones, i.e. to define the origin and operation of the market. On that occasion, I will use the title of one painting by Paul Gauguin, “Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?”

This year it is already 65 years since the establishment of the engineering office (PIK), the founder of the design and engineering department, which was gradually transformed into the form of Barumprojekt s. p. Gottwaldov, and after the revolution a successor, B-Projekting, spol. s r. o., Zlín was created. The past 30 years can be characterized as a long-distance run, when we gradually switched from the method of designing on drawing boards to new design systems using computer technology. We gradually built an original system (a manual that defines and describes in detail the management system of the design, implementation and engineering process). All this concerns the preparation and implementation of projects using a clearly defined system with effective use of computer technology (HW + SW) and consistent use of an integrated system for managing all documents during the processing of project documentation (use of revised and managed documents). This enabled us to improve all our activities and prepare project documentation at a very high level. We have also implemented the EMS / QMS system, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. An integral part of all activities is also marketing aimed at gaining new potential customers, especially in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is necessary to state and experience has shown that, like any company, we are a good and reliable partner for some and not for others. This must be respected. During its activity, B-Projekting Zlín also prepared projects and in several cases the implementation of complex technological projects in the EU (Germany, Luxembourg, Spain) and we also participated in the preparation and implementation of projects in Ukraine, the Russian Federation and Iran.

Over the course of thirty years, our company, but especially our customers, have undergone significant changes that have concerned the preparation of investment plans. Most domestic and foreign companies have very limited staff in their investment departments. It follows that the preparation of input documents (investment plans) is also a problem for most of these companies.

A separate chapter on the process of preparation and implementation of investments is a very complex building law, which in many cases does not allow to proceed rationally and creates a lot of administrative barriers, which bring large time losses at various levels of approval. The state of affairs in the area of project preparation and implementation is defined by the massive deployment of computer technology (HW, SW and special SW for 3D modeling and visualization). The transition to the most modern systems applied in design also requires the provision of specialists in all fields. It is therefore essential for the company to acquire new designers and especially specialists who fully master modern computer technology. Based on the training provided in our company, it is possible to expect their effective deployment in the preparation of individual projects. This is not easy, because nowadays the profession of "designing" is a profession that is not very interested. This is due to the fact that design is a multidisciplinary field requiring great cooperation, coordination and the necessary education. Of course, this also generates higher work commitment and significantly higher use of working time than usual. This trend is absolutely crucial for us.

Over the last five years, we have mastered all the methods and procedures that allow us to process the final versions of project documentation at the BIM level. Here it turns out that the problem is especially the transfer of data related to the construction part and its efficient export to budget software, in our company to RTS. It is obvious that the preparation of project documentation at the level of BIM LOD 300 - 400 requires intensive training of specialists, both for the use of software for 3D and also for visualization. At present, we have all the necessary equipment related to HW, SW and we also have specialists who can effectively use these systems. The paradox remains that the project documentation prepared in this way is not very required of suppliers or investors.

On the one hand, it involves a lot of labor associated with the preparation of such documentation, and on the other hand, it also generates a price that corresponds to this laboriousness. It is necessary to accept the thesis that the project documentation prepared at the level of BIM LOD 300 - 400 will bring the necessary bonuses to the investor as well as to the suppliers. This is the most important thing you need to work on and be able to convince customers that this is the way to go.

One of the decisive criteria for the use of these systems is the fact that their comprehensive deployment and subsequent optimization, elimination of all collisions (clash system) will allow to obtain documentation that has no errors and ensures trouble-free implementation. In addition, it is necessary to declare the fact that the documentation processed in this way, which is brought to the manufacturing drawings phase, has a significant impact on the savings of implementation costs for all parts of the project (construction part, MEP, technological part incl. MEP). In these fields, savings in implementation can be achieved, up to 15-20 %. This is a very significant effect that should be accepted by all customers. Of course, little is said about the impact of such documentation on the company's own operation and ensuring the management of all crucial systems during the life of the project (the so-called "life time cycle"). The documentation prepared in this way is of great importance for the company itself and enables it to properly manage, modernize and reconstruct the entire project, with all current data being available at all times throughout the life of the project. This results in large savings, both in terms of investment and in terms of operating costs. It is a fact that for most customers the above facts are "sience fiction" and it is very difficult to communicate all these essentials regarding labor and, consequently, prices. A separate chapter is the issue of processing project documentation at the level of BIM LOD 300 - 400. It is necessary to realize that processing project documentation at such a final level requires the creation of a very strong relationship between customer and designer, i.e. a partnership that allows very effective cooperation and coordination. At the stage of elaboration of the documentation for implementation of the project, it is absolutely necessary to ensure complete approval of the entire solution so that it can be fully implemented in all professions by all specialists involved in the project. That is, the only way is to complete the agreement and achieve the so-called "freeze". Only in this situation is it possible to gradually complete the documentation for implementation of the project. If this is not the case, and even in the final phase the process is accompanied by frequent changes, the processing of documentation at the BIM level is inappropriate. The crucial problem is also the fact that for technological projects it is necessary to respect timing regarding the processing of project documentation and the possibility of obtaining documents at the FBID level in relation to concluded contracts, ED determination and gradual release of documents (standard at the Preliminary and Final level).

In general, any project documentation that undergoes many changes in the final phase brings:

  • extension of implementation time
  • increase in the price of the project
  • reduction of the technical level of the project
  • there are also losses related to the application of new product groups on the market within the originally defined term


Dear business partners and colleagues,

I wish you and our company good health in 2022, as well as the necessary amount of happiness and success in private life and business. I look forward to further challenges and effective cooperation.

Milan Skopalík 2022-01-18


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